brew & blendz
web application

brew and blendz web application

project overview

Brew & Blendz is a smoothie and coffee café located at the University of Calgary catering to theUniversity community. The café specializes in breakfast type foods, coffee, and customizable smoothies.These items can be customized even further through added ingredients called “Boosts” which can be added or left out depending on the customer. The cafe is open seven days a week though its hours are reduced during the weekends and spring/summer break. Brew & Blendz currently has two locations on campus: one inside the Kinesiology building and one inside of Scurfield Hall. Since the two locations oncampus are convenient to most of the University community, the cafe has become popular with both students and professors. The cafe is especially popular with students living on Residents and frequent gym users. Due to the popularity of Brew & Blendz, the cafe has a tendency to have long line ups especially during its peak hours, from 6am to 1pm. With the inability to serve its customers at a rapid pace, students and professors rushing between classes tend to leave the lineup or not line up at all. Thus, causing Brew & Blendz to lose customers.

This design for an interactive menu attempted to make ordering at Brew & Blendz faster by allowing users to select items to add to an order and pay through the same interface. In our design doc, we worked through a process that included considerations to the scope, expected uses of the system, and system constraints. Our methodology highlighted the typical and conditional users for the application and broke down their expected tasks so that we can gather our list of requirements. This final design is the result of the walkthroughs and prototypes we created.


Visual Studio, C#, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator